mardi 8 février 2005

Lyon, T. and other insignificant stories

Phew! I begin to get used to working again a lot at hospital and now I am more organized to have a few free time and have fun. Life at the Emergency Department is not cool but I adapt myself in this crazy and poor environment. I am not sure to learn a lot but I think the aim of this rotation is to manage by yourself whatever the circumstances! But you don't have to expect any kind remarks from your tutor. For instance, the first time at the « serious unit » I introduced myself to my boss and told him my name. His answer... [Lire la suite]
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lundi 17 janvier 2005

Bilingue ?

Description de la semaine dernière : Après un formidable week-end chez A, une semaine de folie a commencé. After a wonderful week-end in the Alpes, I had a crazy week ! LUNDI garde de 24 H aux Urgences ; (24-H duty at ER) MARDI nuit aux Urgences Psychiatriques, visite de la médecine du travail en fin d'après-midi ; (nightshift in psychiatric unit, then an appointment with the working doctor) MERCREDI nuit aux Urgences Psychiatriques, ronéo de Dermatologie dans l'après-midi, conférence de multi-chirurgie de 19 H à 21 H... [Lire la suite]
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